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Day 056 - 19 February 2009


Today I paid up to stay on as part owner of Ebbsfleet United, currently England's 108th top team. Bit more Benoit tonight, can't beat a bit of Benoit/Angle. Got another two good tests, got a Wii Fit age of 20 again. The balance board reigstered sudden large movements that weren't happening in the standing still test, think Mr Balance Board might need an alkaline boost soon. Here we are now at the stage where, due to having the bug, I'm not enjoying Wii Fit much just now.

Almost as if it could tell I'd mentioned it in the previous paragraph, the balance board missed out three steps in the Step Plus. I'll hold my hands up to missing a fourth myself. Apart from that it was a perfect run. Listened to a bit of Charly Coombes (songs what I got from his myspace since he doesn't have one of them albums), scoring a now familiar 346%. Today's exercise is Heeds, a game where you need to go side to side and heed all the football, avoid the football boots and .... giant panda heads.

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