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Day 055 - 18 February 2009


Didn't sleep too well last night, so was tired all day. This resulted in a wee bit of a sleep before doing tonight's Wii Fit. Knew that was going to happen. Got two good tests, got a Wii Fit age of 20 again. Repeating everything that you've read.

Today's Step Plus warm up was easily one of the most frustrating ones, scoring very highly, the Balance Board mising out a step which would have given a new high score. Nickin' fraggin' nookin' raggin'. Have you ever had the urge to jog whilst listening to Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs? No? Just me? I had the urge to jog whilst listening to Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs. Today's album was Yours Truly, Angry Mob by the Kaiser Chiefs, scoring 348%. Every score is average nowadays. Today's exercise is the Step, the shorter, easier version of the Step Plus I do every day for a warm up. Running out of steam, going through the motions.

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