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Day 053 - 16 February 2009


Miles is feeling a bit better for anyone worrying. I struggled to stay awake before doing tonights Wii Fit. Got another two good Wii Fit age tests, so very comfortably got the best score I can get, 20. I'm doing very well.

Almost managed a perfect score for the Step Plus, which is always a good start. But everything went downhill from there. Did get to listen to the great new Morrissey album Years Of Refusal, now available in all good record shops. A bit before the half way stage I got a very strange all-stomach stitch, which made the rest of the jogging a bit rubbish. Managed a score of 346% somehow. Started to do the Press-Up Challenge, and made it as far as getting on my hands and knees and sticking my legs out behind me before stopping. Today's exercise is the Lunge, which I normally do at the end of an exercise if I'm feeling good. Tomorrow can only be better...

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