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Day 052 - 15 February 2009


The goodies drew with the baddies today. The crowd were fantastic, were like a twelfth man, which evened things up. Since it was an early kickoff I had enough time to watch some Benoit before making dinner. Got the same Wii Fit age walking test, so tried the same Frankensteinesque walk again (arms out and everything again), and managed to get a slightly worse score score. My Wii Fit age came out as 23. In this time I have learned a valueable lesson, when the Wii tells you to make sure you have room around you to move around, you make sure you have room around you to move around. It's less dangerous.

The Step Plus was followed the same pattern, seemingly doing better generally but the balance board deciding to miss out some of my steps. Does throw you off a bit. Mr Fisher was feeling a bit unwell tonight, and was asleep in the next room, so had to do the jogging without music. Scored a third highest score of 375%, just shy of second place. This sort of proves it's megetting better at the jogging and not the music that's helping. I'll still listen to music during it, makes it alot more fun. Rest now weary head, get well soon Miles. Today's exercise is the Warrior yoga pose, which is normally the only yoga pose I do daily. If you do it right you can really feel it in your hips and legs.

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