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Day 051 - 14 February 2009


Happy birthday to Ben (and Simon Pegg), and Happy Valentines day to everyone. Feel like we're about to find out how much fun Wii Fit is to do with the sniffles. Got the exact same Wii Fot age tests, so decided to try a Frankensteinesque walk (arms out and everything), and managed to get a much better score. My Wii Fit age came out as 20. Valentine is done.

The Step Plus was very similar to yesterday, was going well until the balance board missed two steps. Was doing well considering my tummy was doing flips. Decided to listen to the Top Gear Anthems album with the jogging today, which just so happens to be today's exercise of the day. The album is in two halves, classic rock (including Jessica by the Allman Brothers, which is the shows theme tune) and modern rock, which I'll need to try tomorrow. Classic rock scores a second highest score of 378%, and got to listen to a few good songs by Genesis and Doobie Brothers, but they were eclipsed by the Allman Brothers. Jessica is my favourite.

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