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50 days in and you don't recognise me yet?


Side Stand left

Side Stand right

Day 050 - 13 February 2009


Today is 50 days since Christmas, 50 days till my birthday, half way through Mii Fit, Friday 13th and my brothers birthday eve. Started the Wii Fit a bit late tonight after I got caught up playing Bubble Spinner (found in the Games Arcade), will beat Craigyboy's high score someday. Finally got one of the bad Wii Fit age tests, the walking one. Basil Fawlty walking didn't work well for me last time, so decided to try tiny footsteps. I wouldn't say it worked. I'd even go as far as to say it didn't work. My Wii Fit age came out as 26. I'm not that good, but I'm not that bad.

Started off well tonight, getting third highest score in the Step Plus. Would have been higher but it missed a footstep. Today is the last day of jogging with Blur live, for now. Today's was Live at Peel Acres (1998), scoring my second third highest score of the day with 346%. Today's exercise is the Press-up & Side Stand, which I used to do quite regularly until I discovered the Press-up Challenge was press-ups without the entirely useless side stands.

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