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The Tree

Day 049 - 12 February 2009


Got home late tonight because I went for a drink or two with Craigyboy and his epic hair after work. I managed to beat him at pool (I won the last game, he won the rest). Normally after a drink or two I'll try and beat the sudoku in the Metro (Metrodoku), but tonight Metrodoku kicked my ass. Ended up doing Wii Fit not long after finishing dinner. Lucky I got two of my favourite Wii Fit age tests yet again. My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. Just repeat this again and again.

Apparently I do actually have better rhythm after a few drinks. Scored a much better result in Step Plus than I have done in weeks. More Blur live with jogging, this time Live In Utrecht (1997), but only managed 317%. Decided to give the Press Up Challenge a miss, it's hard enough normally. Today's exercise is the The Tree yoga pose again, the pose they seem to use alot to promote the game. It's not one I've done too much so far.

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