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Not many people last 7 weeks with me Mr Balance Board, Wee Jimmy is even struggling

Lucky my breasts are small and humble, so you don't confuse them with mountains

Balance Bubble

Day 048 - 11 February 2009


Had a bit of a late night last night, so wasn't much of a suprise I fell asleep during Benoit tonight. Been a while since I woke up and had to do Wii Fit minutes later. Lucky I got two of my favourite Wii Fit age tests again. I expect two bad ones soon. My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. We only reproduce.

The Step Plus didn't seem to go too well, but somehow managed to get a top ten score. More jogging with Blur, Live At The Astoria (2003) this time, which was fun to sing along to, but didn't get the greatest score. 335%, still a top ten score. Wee Jimmy told me he was up late again last night, that's his third time in the last week. 7 weeks with me does turn most people to the drink. Today's exercise is the final daily exercise, the Balance Bubble game, where you need to lean forwards and manouver a bubble around bees and a course. Finished the night off with watching Shawn of the Dead.

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