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You know you've been playing Wii Fit too long when you actually say this to Wee Jimmy

Free Step - back

Free Step - forwards

Day 047 - 10 February 2009


Had one of the worlds greatst pizzas today. Plain cheese, but tasted incredible. More Benoit, then more Wii Fit. Got two of my favourite Wii Fit age tests again, my Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. But don't worry if it's not your lucky number, cos tomorrow there's another.

Decided to stick with the live album theme, this time going for Blur, Live At The Budokan (1996), which is one of those albums I've heard so much I know it word for word, even the banter between songs. Got a third highest score of 346%. Talking of Blur, I've heard that following the hype following the reuinions of Blur and Take That, Michael Jackson is now reforming. Today's exercise is the Free Step exercise, where you need to step on and off the Balance Board in time to the metronomic rhymth coming from the wiimote, so you can change channel if you wish. Was charging my phone, so didn't have enough plugs for the dvd player, could have watched more Benoit. Instead I watched a bit of My Name is Earl.

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