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Have you been looking up my tshirt when I stand on you Mr Balance Board?

Work those moobs

Downward-Facing Dog

Day 045 - 08 February 2009


..slept off that hangover. That was a good night out, didn't get out of bed till about 5pm, and made dinner shortly after. Got the walking test for the Wii Fit age again, so thought I'd try the John Cleese walk that worked so well last time. It didn't this time. My Wii Fit age came out as 25. Normally the age will fall down quite quickly, but this time it took ages. Everything comes tumbling down.

Got my mojo back for the Step Plus, getting a second highest score. Good to be back. Since it was a lazy Sunday I decided to jog to some very lazy Sunday type music, The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, naturally). Once again got a second highest score with 344%. Today's exercise is the Downward-Facing Dog exercise, a yoga pose where you have to get on your hands and knees, get onto your hands and feet, and stick your bottom up in the air. Feels stupid, but gets the job done.

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