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Day 044 - 07 February 2009


Green tshirt again because they goodies were playing. Finished watching Black Books last night, so made a start on watching the Pegasus Kid Chris Benoit dvd. Had to do the Wii Fit earlier on tonight because I was heading out with Phil later on. For my Wii Fit age tests I got two that I normally do well in, but this time I was just a bit rubbish. My Wii Fit age still came out as 20, which kinda proves 20 is as good as I can get. I'm a man on a mission.

Managed to do slightly better at the Step Plus, but still not up to my usual standard. Still with Fatboy Slim for the jogging, Palookaville (incredibly underrated album) this time. Had alot of fun listening and singing along to it, only achieved a score of 311%, but that's one album I'd certainly jog to again. Today's exercise is the Table Tilt game, a game where you need to lean to negiatiate your balls down holes. This is alot easier when you realise there are lips which can stop your balls going too far. Very enjoyable game. Now time for the night out with Phil and Jill...

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