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Apparently I'm perfect at walking

Check it out now, the funk soul brother

Super Hula Hoop - left

Super Hula Hoop - right

Day 043 - 06 February 2009


Only thing to report on today is having the single greatest cake in history, a chocolate and toffee cake. Almost the perfect cake. Yet more Black Books delaying Wii Fit for the night. Got the walking test again, and for the first time didn't get a rubbish score. Actually got a perfect score. Apparently a John Cleese style of walking is perfect. My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. That guy kicks ass.

Once again had no rhythm for Step Plus. It would appear someone has gone back to the 90s and stolen my mojo. More music and jogging, this time listening to Fat Boy Slim, You've Come A Long Way, Baby, which was probably the most fun album to jog to, and demolished the previous best score by getting 393%. Today's exercise is the Super Hula Hoop, which is like the normal Hula Hoop, but longer, and in both directions. The problem with this is either tiredness or my own particular vice during the exercise, getting a bit bored. Fancy a packet of Hula Hoops now.

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