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Rowing Squat

Rowing Squat - and squat

Day 042 - 05 February 2009


Had a good lunch date today - good sandwich, good company (my dad) then a visit to the Apple store. Had once more planned to do Wii Fit a bit early tonight, but ended up watching Black Books a bit too long. My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. If it's good enough for you.

Had absolutely no rhythm doing Step Plus at the beginning, was about as elegant as Bump the Elephant (whose feet are not so neat). The jogging and music thingy was a strange one today, was listening to Dodgy (Ace A's + Killer B's), did say I was a 90s kid. Despite it not feeling too great, somehow managed a joint top score of 343%. Today's exercise is the Rowing Squat exercise, where you have to stand with your arms out like you're about to do the Macarena then crouch down and .... squat.

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