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It's cold in the city tonight

Step Plus highscore before Pottsy

Jogging highscore with Pottsy

Rhythm Boxing - block

Rhythm Boxing - and punch

Day 040 - 03 February 2009


Today was incredibly cold. Shahzad told me that he is still keeping up with his praying and bi-weekly gym visits, allegedly. Wii Fit was extra good today because afterwards I could feel my fingers and toes again. Day 1 post-Bret I decided to start watching Black Books (which apparently got renamed "The Crazy Shop" when translated into Swedish). My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. I'm walking on air again.

Couldn't have started todays Wii Fit off much better. Wasn't far from getting a perfect score in the Step Plus. After that was more jogging and music experiment, David Potts' solo album easily getting a much higher high score with 343%. Fantastic album too. Today's exercise is the Rhythm Boxing exercise, which I believe is the only Wii Fit exercise where you have to use the wiimote, nunchuck and balance board. Yet again nearly scored a perfect score. One day I'll work out how to do the Finish Him part, maybe even achieving a Toasty.

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