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Day 039 - 02 February 2009


What a lovely day of snow it was today. Finally finished watching the Bret Hart dvd after watching the musical episode of Scrubs (see if you can find Turk Turkleton in the background of a picture a few days ago), then Wii Fit for me. My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again. Thank the lord.

Started off really well again, scoring top three scores for the warm up Step Plus and Jogging, this time scoring a new second highest score of 330% (falling just short) with Depeche Mode ,The Singles 81>85. Did say I'd try some of their earlier stuff another day. Today's exercise is the Penguin Slide game, where you have to tilt an iceberg to slide a penguin along to catch fish. Penguin tshirt optional.

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