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Day 038 - 01 February 2009


Happy February. Green tshirt again because the goodies were playing again, and underperformed again. Woke up this morning with incredibly sore shins for some reason. This will make the jogging interesting at least. Despite this and getting two fairly shin intensive ... shintensive Wii Fit age test, my Wii Fit age came out as 20. Feel elation.

The jog was a bit sore, and a bit of a stitch, but Depeche Mode (The Singles 86>98) managed to see me through, getting a third highest score of 308%. I'll need to try some of their earlier stuff another day. Today's exercise is the Stretch Challenge, which if you have been reading you should be able to guess it is a combination of the Streth exercise and the Challenge exercises, where you just have to go on for as long as possible, or until you beat Wee Jimmy.

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