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Day 034 - 28 January 2009


Tonight produced one of the most incredible finishes to a game of football I've ever seen. Penalty kicks being decided by the 24th attempt. The goodies won, but I had to do my Wii Fit very late. I got two good balance tests. My Wii Fit age came out as 20 again.

The first indication something wasn't right was when the Balance Board told me I'd put on 10 pounds in the last day. Then I went do the usual Step warm up and it told me to get off the balance board, which I hadn't been on for minutes. The balance board quite clearly wasn't going to play nicely today, and it was completely Humphrey'd, Michael'd and Winston'd. That left me with one exercise to do for 30 mins, one exercise that didn't require the Balance Board. Today's exercise is the Free Jogging, where you get time updated via the wiimote, and can change the channel and watch something else whilst jogging. My natural instinct was to turn on Dave, and Have I Got New For You? with Jack Dee and Russell Brand was my reward.

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