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How Will It Move Mii?

Silver Piggy for 20 hours of exercise

First 30 mins with silver Piggy

Work those hips

Single Leg Extension - and one

Single Leg Extension - and two

Day 033 - 27 January 2009


Now that that fecking Celebrity Big Brother has finished it means I can come home from work and watch Scrubs again. Good to have it back. For the first time ever I got a decent score on the Wii Fit age test for walking on the spot. This time my Wii Fit age came out as 21. Then 20. You're going to reap just what you sow.

Today's workout was finally a bit cool, was warmer later on, but that was due to me trying extra hard today. Yet more jogging, yet more music, yet more Lou Reed, this time Transformer, which scored 265% but deserves qudos for some fantastically timing with Talk A Walk On The Wild Side and the Wii jogging island. Unlocked the silver Piggy today, meaning I have had 20 hours of exercise. That's 10 hours in the last 17 days (35 mins a day average). Today's exercise is the Single Leg Extension, the last of the hip exercises, and involves a fair bit of limb swinging.

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