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Day 029 - 23 January 2009


Today was going to be difficult, was planning to give blood (which would have meant no exercise possible tonight), but I knew waking up with some cold symptoms would have failed their "Have you recently had any cold symptoms?" test. I did wear a red polka dot tshirt in respect. After a friend telling me about their Wii Fit age coming out at 19, only for a 20 to fall on top and replace it, the very same happened to me. My Wii Fit age came out as 21. Then 22.

Today's workout was slightly less triopical than yesterday. The jogging music experiment continued, with Flaming Lips (At War With the Mystics) faring worse than Get Well Soon or Moby with 273%, which is still better than the non-musiced average. Today's exercise is the Hula Hoop, where you pay tribute to Trevor and Simon and swing your pants.

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