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Press-up Challenge

Day 025 - 19 January 2009


It was a lovely day today, nice and snowy outside, which turned out to be a good cool down after playing on Wii Fit. Was good to have nothing feeling sore once again, was quite looking forwards to Wii Fit after watching Craigyboy's Bret Hart dvd. Managed to get my Wii Fit age as 20 again. Something tells me that is the best I have, the best I have had, the best that ever will have.

I experimented with the jogging today, and listened to my iPod whilst jogging, and it made a big difference to my burn rate, giving me my best tally so far - 289%. See what a little bit of Rick Astley can do for you. Today's exercise is the Press-up Challenge, which consists entirely of press ups, no side stands. That's a mistake you only make once, and feel very stupid for doing so.

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