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A whole 3 weeks!

You think so?


Day 020 - 14 January 2009


Today in work Shahzad informed me he was going to pray more, not prey more, and he was planning to go to the gym "twoice" a week also. During the Wii Fit age tests Mr Balance Board told me I was favouring my left foot 70% to 30%, Mr Balance Board obviously didn't read yesterday's Mii Fit which said I had a sore foot. Even had two pairs of soks on to try and support it. My Wii Fit age suffered as a result, came out at 33.

The jog was a wee bit uneasy, but still doable. It's the kind of thing that would keep someone out of a Scotland international football game, but would magically get through a Rangers game. Today's exercise is the Zazen, which involves sitting still. Zazen is a superlative game, with just two minor flaws. One: it is not enjoyable. And two: it is not enjoyable. Now I realise that, technically speaking, that's only one flaw; but I thought it was such a big one, it was worth mentioning twice.

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