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Oh no

Tightrope Tension

Arms out for balance

Day 017 - 11 January 2009


Today's Wii Fit was alot better than the previous few days, no upset tummy, and had been up a good few hours. Today is also my last day of freedom, my last day of my 3 weeks off from work for Christmas. Wii Fit ages are determined using two balance tests, and I got my two worst tests today. My Wii Fit age came up as 27, so logically I shouldn't ever get any worse than that.

My jogging route was my favourite of the lot, which you get by following the dog on the bridge, and you end up running along a beach. Today's exercise is the Tightrope Tension, where you have to very carefully walk along a tightrope. I sit corrected, the Ski Jump is not the only thing on Wii Fit that tells you not to jump on the balance board.

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