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Had to do Half Moon after Single Leg Twist yesterday

Half Moon

Day 016 - 10 January 2009


This might not have anything to do with Wii Fit, but it's an important life lesson - the Parkhead Forge just outside Paradise has the greatest sticky toffee muffins ever. I made a discovery today, doing Wii Fit when you've just woken up is not the best plan. My Wii Fit age suffered as a result, got 26 today.

Every Wii Fit exercise seemed alot harder today. Anyone who does exercises first thing in the morning after waking up is just weird. The jog was extra tiring and started to feel the effects of the jackknifes alot earlier than normal, but the lunges seemed to be easier. Today's exercise is the Half-Moon, where you need to stand in a half moon shape and keep your centre of balance perfectly in the middle.

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