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Mii Fit

How Will It Move Mii?

With my eyes shut too

Of course I mind Wee Susie, I wanted Wee Jimmy

He's back! Bouffant hair and all

Sun Salutation stretch back

Sun Salutation toes touch

Day 011 - 05 January 2009


Today's Wii Fit was used large as a way to warm up after taking the bins out, shivered my timbers outside. The centre of gravity test was to be done with my eyes shut today, and was the best result I've got yet. Managed to get a Wii Fit age of 20 again.

I got a shock earlier when I tried to do one of the yoga poses, Wee Jimmy was replaced by Wee Susie. Was happy to see that Wee Jimmy was back in charge when I started the muscle workouts. Today's exercise is the Sun Salutation, which I found out I did better the day before, despite shakey legs from over doing it.

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