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Mii Fit

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Just need to be enthusiastic and put feeling into it Wee Jimmy

Downhill Ski

Day 008 - 02 January 2009


Today's Wii Fit was delayed due to the programme on telly about Eric and Ernie. It's not a good plan to fall off the balance board during the body test, still managed to get a Wii Fit age of 30.

During the jogging some dogs run past you. If you run ahead of the trainer at that point you'll follow the dog and go a different path, so did that for the first time today. Ended up on the beach. The jack knife challenge continued it's steady increase from 10 to 20 one day, to 30 the next day, to 40 the next, to 50 yesterday, to 100 today. Who says Wee Jimmy can't count? Today's exercise is the Downhill Ski, the only thing on Wii Fit that specificaly tells you not to jump on the board.

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