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Probably best not ask what Wee Jimmy was looking for, or what "A" meant

Jack knife (don't normally do them with my head against the wall)

Day 005 - 30 December 2008


Today's Wii Fit went really well, I like to think it was inspired by the arrival of Ben. My no-exercise plan was slightly put off due to a half hour of dancing in the kitchen whilst listening to Madness and cooking dinner. Wii Fit was delayed due to Shooting Stars. My Wii Fitness age came out at 20 again. Uvavu.

The Wii Fit schedule went really well, setting all sorts of new records and still unlocking a lot of new poses. One day Ill work out why the balance board seems to miss out one jack knife every time, regardless of how many reps I'm doing. The jack knifes are doing a good job of tightening up the stomach.

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