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Felt it followed on nicely after the warrior

Lunge pose (don't mind the Stella bottle)

Day 004 - 29 December 2008


I found out today it wasn't a good idea to start every page of a new project saying "I found out today it wasn't a god idea to" After a night of absolutely no sleep, nearly 30 hours awake, and a day shopping with the old people, Wii Fit was suprisingly good. My Wii Fitness age came out at 20. Back of the net.

Started with the traditional jogging island route, nice 12/13 minute jog to get me going. In Wii Fit you unlock new exercises after a certain amout of time playing. I unlocked one today which works your "deep muscles", which Wee Jimmy certainly seemed to like. Today's exercise is the lunges, which also works the thighs.

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