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Mii Fit

How Will It Move Mii?

Nice to meet you too Mr Balance Board

Merry Christmas to you too Mr Balance Board

Underweight, overweight, womblingfreeweight

My trainer - Wee Jimmy

And I was ready

I think he likes me

I'll need to get Fitpiggy to say this to me every day

Wouldn't be a MarcFisher.co.uk project without a new tshirt

The Tree

Day 000 - 25 December 2008


Merry Christmas. After unwrapping Wii Fit (yes, I really wrapped a christmas present to myself) and a fantastic Christmas dinner with my family, I gave Wii Fit a try. Mr Balance Board told me I was underweight, and had a BMI of aroud about 15.7, meaning I either had to put on 10 pounds or shrink by half a foot. I opted for the 10 pound option. After finding out my Wii Fitness age was 35 (due to me not knowing when the fitness test had started). My first job was to pick a trainer, so I picked the male trainer and decided to call him Wee Jimmy, who seemed fairly fond of me.

The first exercise to show is the one shown on the box - the tree, which works your legs and back, and makes you fall over.

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