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How Will It Move Me?

Wii Fit Exercises Guide

     Wii Fit has many different exercises, categorised as yoga poses, muscle workouts and aerobic exercises, along with some fun balance games. Here is a breakdown of each exercise, a link to when it was exercise of the day (where appropriate) and which muscles it uses:


  Deep Breathing - metabolism

  Half-Moon - waist

  Warrior - thighs and hips

  Tree - legs and back

  Sun Salutation - arms and thighs

  Standing Knee - thighs

  Palm Tree - ankles and back

  Chair - back, legs and abs

  Triangle - waist

  Downward-Facing Dog - back

  King of the Dance - hips and spine

  Cobra - back

  Bridge - torso and hips

  Crocodile Twist - back

  Shoulderstand - abs and back

Muscle Workouts

  Single Leg Extension - torso, hips and triceps

  Press-up & Side Stand - chest, shoulders and arms

  Torso & Waist Twists - side abdominal

  Jackknife - abs

  Lunge - thighs and hips

  Rowing Squat - thighs and back

  Single Leg Twist - side abdominal

  Sideways Leg Lift - side and shoulder

  Parallel Stretch - deep torso

  Tricep Extension - triceps

  Arm & Leg Lift - shoulder and hip

  Single Arm Stand - abs and thigh

  Press-up Challenge - chest, shoulders and arms

  Jackknife Challenge - abs

  Stretch Challenge - deep torso

Aerobic Exercises

  Hula Hoop - pelvis

  Step Basics - rhythm

  Jogging - body fat

  Super Hula Hoop - pelvis

  Step Plus - rhythm

  2P Jogging - body fat

  Rhythm Boxing - pelvis

  Free Step - rhythm

  Free Jogging - body fat

Balance Games


  Ski Slalom

  Ski Jump

  Table Tilt

  Tightrope Tension

  Balance Bubble

  Penguin Slide

  Snowboard Slalom