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     Happy Dundee Day. So that is the end of that, 100 days and 3437 minutes of gameplay. But how much was enjoyment and how much was obligation? It's time for the 100 day review of Wii Fit. I will look into subjects like Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Playability and Lifespan of the game, and then go into more detail about each section of exercises involved.


     The graphics are passable, but far from ground breaking. The use of Mii integration, not only using your selected Mii for the Aerobic Exercises and Balance Games, but also filling out any crowds with your remaining Miis, is a nice touch which can make certain exercises more enjoyable. How do you make Step aerobics more fun? Step aerobics between my grandma and Paul Stockley.


     The sounds and background music aren't anything special, but they don't need to be. This is Wii Fit, not Wii Music. Jogging with my iPod playing was fantastic, but I don't think we can count that as in-game music.


     The gameplay was still very enjoyable when the novelty had worn off. With such a range of difference exercises it it hard to find someone that doesn't suit your mood. The only times it wasn't enjoyable was doing it with a sore foot, quickly doing it before a night out, and hungover the next day, but they were all down to limitations for Mii Fit on MarcFisher.co.uk rather than Wii Fit itself.


     The playability was very high to start off with, alot of new exercises to unlock, and was still unlocking a good few higher difficulty options for games weeks into playing the game. Towards the end it was all about trying to better my highest scores, and get a perfect score for Step Plus. That was enough to keep me going till day 100.


     The lifespan was certainly a good few weeks before I would have had a day off if I hadn't been aiming for 100 days. I'll need a wee break away from Wii Fit and Wee Jimmy for a while, but I will go back because I know it will be worth it. I now have muscles in places I didn't know I had places before. I managed to achieve my pre-100 day aim of gaining 10 pounds and losing no height, so now I have a BMI of 18.5, at the bottom end of Ideal weight. Must surely be the most physically rewarding game made.

Overall (not an average)

     For the individual exercises it's best to start with the age tests, since they normally come first. If you read the last 100 days you will know I would get a score of 20 unless I got the walking test, regardless of how I was feeling or how I would go on to perform. If the age could be tested against proper exercises it would be alot better. I disagreed with the Yoga tests for various reasons. Not just because the warrior pose that Wee Jimmy was doing would have been nowhere near the 50/50 balance it was claiming, but mainly because I don't believe a minute of a yoga exercise can be properly beneficial. The muscle workouts were my favourite bits, they were the exercises which made the real difference, and could push yourself as hard as you wanted to. The aerobic exercises were fun, even if the jogging percentage still makes absolutely no sense. My best score was over 400% of what? The balance games were mostly enjoyable, and we can expect to see alot of balance board based minigame games coming out. Zazen is still one of the worst games I have ever played. Ever. And I own Buck Bumble.

     Now Wii Fit is out the way I can start to get through the other games I haven't had time to play, like Lego Batman and Shawn White, and more time to watch my new Superted dvd. For anyone wanting to improve their fitness or condition I would recommend Wii Fit, it does work. Now I can get back to enjoying myself without needing to catch the 10.30pm train to give me enough time to get home and get my Wii Fit in, but it has been a fun 100 days. And more, much more than this, I did it my way.