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Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl 2019

     The sixth Fish Bowl was held on 27th December 2019. The winning score from each individual game is underlined.

Place Fisher Game 1 Game 2 Total 2018
1 Miles 131 105 236 +62
2 Marc 91 132 223 +36
3 Ben/Archie^ 79 119 198 +41
4 Margaret^ 103 51 154 +16
5 Sarah*^ 62 79 141 -31
6 Jessica 57 77 134 -8

* cultivating a little person
^ Sarah, Ben and Margaret replaced by Sarah All-Stars, Ben All-Stars and Jessica All-Stars throughout due original Sarah, Ben and Margaret being used as Archie entertainment
Sarah All-Stars, Ben All-Stars and Margaret All-Stars were everyone else taking 1 or 2 extra shots to ensure there was no advantage gained from extra practice, and no disadvantage gained from overexertion

Fish Bowl future full-time 7th participant Archie, taking his first bowling shot of the night

Fish Bowl 1st place Miles with 6th place Jessica and 4th place Margaret

Fish Bowl 1st place Miles, holding the trophy aloft

Fish Bowl 1st place Miles, holding the trophy agroundfloor

Fish Bowl 3rd place tag team of Archie and Ben

Cecil and The Fish Bowl in it's new home

The day after the afternoon before: Fish Bowl 5th place Sarah and 3rd place Ben

Biggest score difference between years: Miles, +62 (174 to 236)
Smallest score difference between years: Jessica, -8 (142 to 134)
Biggest score difference between games: Margaret, -52 (103 to 51)
Smallest score difference between games: Sarah, +17 (57 to 77)
Biggest ranking difference between years: Margaret, +2 (6th to 4th)
Fastest bowling speed: Ben, very fast

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