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Dizzy Heights

Marc And Phil's Excellent Adventure

     A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away (ok, it was 2 years ago and it was in the QM) Phil and I came up with the plan to reach the tops of every building in Glasgow University. Dizzy Heights shows our attempts to reach the highest up points in every place mentioned on the Glasgow Uni map.

     The rules are quite simple:

1. No lifts, escalators, escargots or piggy-backs allowed when possible

2. Each building counts when there is photographic proof of the ascent

3. Anyone can join in, even be photographed, but it wount count as a successful ascent unless Phil and I made it to the top and into the picture

4. No ascents of buildings outwith the original 78 on the map will be counted

5. Standing on your head on the bottom floor does not count

Getting to the tops of buildings and taking photos isn't even half the fun, to misquote John Lennon, "Dizzy Heights is what happens to you while you're busy climbing buildings".